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The Client Program

Tailored to each client’s needs

Every organization is different. Analicomm has learned that the key to developing a successful working relationship depends on tailoring our assistance and support to each individual client.  There is no "one size fits all" approach. Developing a program for a client involves two objectives: (1) tailoring support to a client's needs, and (2) providing that support at a budgetable cost, with minimal "creep". Provisioning the program involves combining varying elements from three categories of support. 

Support categories

Hourly work - Hourly work is typically task oriented and involves a relatively small expenditure of time. Projects - Projects bundle a larger amount of time. They are built around a Scope of Work that identifies the nature of the project, the activities that we will perform,  the deliverables that we will provide, and the time frames by which the work will be done. On Demand - This category is the core of our Client Program and is how we build a working relationship. It provides clients an unlimited amount of email, telephone, and video contact for a flat monthly fee. The intent is to make sure we remain plugged in to activities and changes that effect telecommunications. On Demand support can be used for the development of strategies and plans, the discussion of issues, the assessment of priorities, or any other specific issues.

Keeping programs dynamic

The advantage of developing a Client Program is that it can be adjusted as the client's needs and circumstances change. Unexpected events can re-align priorities over night. The advantage of developing a long term relationship with a client is that we can make rapid changes to our Client Program to re-align our activities as needed. We keep focused on our agreed upon objectives to assure clients that they will not lose the continuity necessary to put things back on track.  
Client program