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Established in 1984, Analicomm provides Telecommunications Management and Telecommunications Consulting services that are not readily available.  Our mission is to provide our clients the ability to create, deploy, and manage the best possible telecommunications system. Analicomm, Inc. does not sell products or systems, rather we provide our clients the equivalent of a 'Director of Telecommunications' for those companies that lack the option to staff such a position.

A fresh perspective...

Focused on Small & Medium sized Businesses (SMBs), Analicomm provides a common sense approach about how to fit together the "jigsaw puzzle" that emerging technologies have become. The key is buying what is needed vs. buying what is offered Our support can be as simple as “mentoring” someone newly assigned to telecom, or as complex as completely redesigning the telecom environment; a project that requires interviewing executives, analyzing work-flows, assessing needs, evaluating the current environment, structuring a solution, creating RFI and/or RFP documents, working with vendors responses, making recommendations, contracting for hardware and services, and overseeing implementation. Analicomm provides both the broad expertise to solve problems and the commitment to see changes through.

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Helping IT Professionals better manage  TELECOMMUNICATIONS
The convergence of telecommunications with computers, data, and both private and public networks requires a new definition for telecommunications. That new definition is: “The collection of devices, systems, software and services that enable real- time communications between people. Telecommunications must be tailored to the people it serves and to the tasks they perform. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The challenge is to embrace a vision broad enough to support present and future needs, and to implement elements of that vision that build on one another in a coherent fashion. Telecommunications is the glue that binds people and facilities into a productive entity. The better the system, the more effectively people can work. Analicomm’s skill lies in knowing how to build effective systems.
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